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We give quality services in the field of seismology, geology and geophysics.

Geophysical Studies

Gravity anomaly mapping and modelling
Geomagnetic studies and modelling
Geo-resistivity profiling using an array of electrodes or VLF signals

Geotechnical and Environmental Sector

Geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring for engineered structures
Measurement and monitoring of ground movement

Seismic Instrumentation for Buildings and Facilities

Strong motion accelerographs for buildings/facilities for structural response during earthquakes
Seismic switches for lifeline resiliency during earthquakes

Geo-science Surveys

Geological mapping and environmental geology
Topographic/terrain mapping and digital geomorphology

Seismic Profiling / Imaging for Shallow and Deep Targets

Shallow seismic imaging using seismic refraction
2D seismic reflection surveys using Smart Geophones for hydrocarbon exploration
Passive seismic tomography and subsurface imaging for energy exploration


We provide high-quality, highly convenient, cost efficient hardware products in the field of seismology, geology and geophysics.

Strong Motion Accelerograph for Buildings

Nanometrics Seismic Services Inc. (Ca, Ottawa)

Seismic Switches

Earthquake Safety Systems Inc. (USA, California)

Strong Motion Accelerograph and Seismograph for Ground Motion Monitoring

Canterbury Seismic Instruments (NZ, Christchurch) & Geometrics' Geode (USA, California)

Our Research

We also spend a lot of time doing our homework.

QEx - Geophysical Exploration Instruments

(with Philippine Council for Industry, Energy, and Emerging Technology Research and Development)

Our primary objective in this research is to create Philippines' in-country capability of producing geophysical instrument and services which will lower the cost of geophysical exploration.

As part of our commitment to provide quality services to our clients, we spend a lot of time doing research and development projects. Our objective is to provide locally-produced quality instruments that will give our clients the biggest bang for the buck!

Our Awesome Partners Include

Recent Projects

Here are some recent services received by our satisfied clients.

  • Geo-resistivity profiling for groundwater resources in Mogpog, Marinduque

    for Mogpog LGU, 2019

  • Seismic refraction and geo-resistivity profiling for design of pumped-storage facilities in Pantabangan Dam

    for CDSI and First Gen, 2019

  • Seismic, ground deformation, piezometers and weir monitoring systems for Rehabilitation of Angat Main Dam

    for Hanjin Heavy Industries, Inc., facility managed by Angat Hydro, 2018

  • Resistivity and seismic refraction survey for geotechnical assessment of a development site

    in Bohol, 2018

    for JCP Drilling Tech.

  • Gravity and magnetics survey for SC-37

    in Isabela and Quirino Provinces, 2018

    for PNOC-EC

  • Vibration study for LRT 1 extension

    for Alstom Transport Construction, Philippines 2018

  • Seismic refraction and reflection profiles for Ipo Dam Tunnel #4

    for CMC Ravena, 2016

  • Geologic Mapping and seismic refraction tomography profiling, Bubunawan Hydroelectric Project

    in Sultan Kudarat, 2016

    for Snowy Mountain Engineering Consultants, Inc.

  • Geology/volcanology aspects of Arsenic contamination in groundwater

    in Central Luzon, 2015

    for Haskoning DV/Netherlands Embassy

  • Geologic mapping for geothermal exploration at Cagua, Cervantes and Abra Geothermal Prospects

    for Pan Pacific Power Philippines, 2015

  • Geophysical profiling survey for the Wawa Pumped Storage Hydro project

    in Antipolo, Rizal, 2015

    for Snowy Mountain Engineering Consultants International, Inc., (K.L., Malaysia)

  • Installation of seismic instruments in more than 100 high rise buildings

    mostly in Metro Manila, on-going since 2012

    and at eight Manila Water Company, Inc.’s pumping stations, 2016

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Our Vision

In the near future, we see a Philippines where the geo-resources, geohazards and geological foundation are better known and sustainably-managed because of the clear and accurate geological, geotechnical and geophysical information of the subsurface.

About Us

Our Mission

We actively contribute excellent scientific instrumentation and geophysical imaging technology to facilitate the national development efforts of our clients and all Filipinos.

Our Background

Since our inception in 2012, we have inched towards enhancing the geo-scientific imaging technology available in the Philippines by adapting technologies and by developing our expertise in geophysical & geotechnical instrumentation, geomorphic and geophysical data analysis, subsurface imaging and geological data analytics.

Armed with a growing arsenal of geophysical tools, we served an expanding array of clients, from those designing foundations for buildings, dams and tunnels, those seeking sites least threatened by land movements, those searching for energy resources, and those formulating policies for the social security of the Filipino.

Guided by the expertise of our Dr. Emmanuel Ramos in geophysics and Rodolfo Sabio in industrial design, we do not stop at being only a technology and service provider. We have gained capacity for scientific research and is a pioneer private corporation to receive several grants from the Philippines' Department of Science and Technology (DOST). These projects aim to develop seismic instrumentation for building safety, to devise 3D imaging methods for energy exploration, and to create “smart geophones” for low-footprint, quick roll-along 2D seismic imaging of hydrocarbon targets.

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